In Gerona
Dismantling of the 110 kV Vic-Sau-Sant Hilari-Susqueda-Girona line begins
  • The project foresees the dismantling  a 17.8-km section of line between the counties/municipalities of Osona and La Selva. 
  • The dismantling of this section of line forms part of Red Eléctrica's commitment to the municipalities; a commitment linked to the 400 kV axis between Vic and Bescanó.

This week, work began near Sant Sadurní de Osomort to dismantle, with the support of helicopters, the 110 kilovolt (kV) line that links Vic to Girona. Specifically, this project consists of the dismantling of 74 towers on a 17.8-kilometre section that runs thru the municipalities of Sant Sadurni de Osomort, Vilanova de Sau, Sant Hilari and Osor.

The execution of this work, which Red Eléctrica has contracted out to Endesa, has been possible thanks to the completion of the 400 kV Vic-Bescanó-Santa Llogaia line and is part of the commitment to all the municipalities along the route to dismantle the lines that run parallel to this line. To date, the 220 kV line between Vic and Bescanó and the 220 kV line between Bescanó and Juià have already been dismantled. Once the work on the 110 kV line has been completed, the only line yet to be dismantled will be the 132 kV line between Sant Julià de Ramis and Santa Llogaia.

The work has a four-month execution period and consists of taking down the cables, removing the towers, demolishing the foundations and restoring the land to its natural state. In order to avoid any environmental impacts, especially in the Guilleries area, most of the work is being carried out with the assistance of helicopters.

When all the dismantling work has been completed, the construction of the new 400 kV line will not have represented an increase in the overall number of towers, as the number of old towers to be removed coincides with the number of new towers built for the 400 kV Vic-Bescanó-Santa Llogaia line. The elimination of the old electricity line routes represents the most significant landscape restoration of an electricity infrastructure carried out in Spain in recent years and reinforces Red Eléctrica's environmental commitment to the territory.