19.588 MW
Wind power registers a new all-time high of instantaneous generation

Today at 2:28 pm, the windy weather conditions in Spain enabled wind power generation to reach a new all-time high, registering 19,588 MW of instantaneous power using this technology, which is an increase of 3.76% compared to the previous record of 18,879 MW recorded just over a year ago, on 12 December 2019. Thanks to this contribution from wind power, 83% of the demand registered in the peninsular electricity system at said time was covered by energy coming from renewable sources.

According to data published by Red Eléctrica in its Daily Balancing Report for 27 December, wind power generated 6,188 GWh in the peninsular electricity system during December, a figure that is 18.8% more than in the same month in 2019. Wind power production represented a 31.4% share of the cumulative monthly share in the generation mix up to the 27th of December.

Furthermore, up until to the 27th, renewable technologies had generated a total of 10,042 GWh in December, representing more than half of the total monthly generation mix (51%). Renewable production in 2020, which, to date, has represented 45.3% of the total generation in the peninsular electricity system, increased by 12.6% between 1 January and 27 December compared to the same period last year. During this period, more than a fifth of the electricity generated came from wind power.