Red Eléctrica Group joins the UN’s Women’s Empowerment Principles
  • It commits to stepping up promotion of gender equality as an essential part of its commitment to sustainability

Red Eléctrica Group has joined the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP) promoted by UN Women and the United Nations Global Pact, adding to the list of 152 Spanish companies that have so far shown their support for these principles.

By becoming a member, Red Eléctrica reaffirms its commitment to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals with regard to the promotion of equality between men and women. This entails the responsibility of adopting measures to empower women in the workplace, in the job market and in communities in which they are present. This is in addition to the commitment already implemented through Red Eléctrica’s Equality Policy and its Integral Equality Plan, which brings together the objectives and specific actions derived from the policy and its general management procedure.

In the words of company president Beatriz Corredor Sierra, “the time for good intentions is now behind us, only effort and collective action will enable us to achieve a society in which gender equality is a reality. By signing the seven principles, I reiterate my commitment and that of the Red Eléctrica Group to continuing to move towards a corporate culture that drives women’s professional and personal development forward”.

Beatriz Corredor recalls that “female talent is key to the creation of value and wealth”, adding: “Companies should become a reflection of the society we want to build and promote the economic and social conditions that generate opportunities for women, men and children and thus foster sustainable development in the countries in which we operate”.

Women’s Empowerment Principles have become a route map for guiding Red Eléctica Group’s practices in terms of gender equality in seven different areas. In this way, and in keeping with these principles, the company will promote female leadership in top management positions; it will favour the treatment of men and women equally in the workplace and without discrimination; care for health, well-being and safety for the whole workforce and the promotion of women’s education and training in order to encourage their professional development. It also assumes responsibility for promoting equality outside of the company, that is, in its environment and community, among its commercial partners and supply chain and in its communication and advertising campaigns, eliminating damaging gender stereotypes. Finally, it embraces the commitment to collecting data disaggregated by sex in its sustainability reports in order to communicate, internally and externally, the progress it is making towards gender equality.

Ensuring the full participation of women in all areas of society in order to create a more equal world is an urgent challenge that companies should be facing up to. In this regard, Red Eléctrica Group has set itself the target of attaining parity in its management team by 2030, with the aim of becoming a benchmark gender equality company and contributing to the fulfilment of SDG 5, Gender Equality.