From 1 January to 25 March 2021
In 2021 to date, wind power has reached its highest electricity production in the last 15 years
  • Favourable wind weather conditions and the increase in installed power capacity recorded in recent years have enabled wind energy production in this period to be 32.9% higher than in 2020.
  • On 23 January, this technology contributed 413 GWh of daily energy to the national generation mix, the highest figure since records began (2007).

Favourable wind weather conditions in Spain, between 1 January to 25 March 2021, have enabled wind energy technology to produce the highest level of electricity ever recorded for this technology since records began in 2007. Thus, according to provisional data from Red Eléctrica de España (REE), during this period this technology produced 18,014 GWh and was the leading electricity generation source in Spain’s energy mix registering a share of 28.4%.

The energy produced by wind up to 25 March is more than double the amount generated by this technology during the first quarter of 2007, the first year in which Red Eléctrica started registering wind energy production data nationwide. At the close of 2007 wind power represented just 9.6% of the overall Spanish generation mix. 

Thus, so far in 2021 wind contributed 32.9% more energy to the national electricity system than in the same period in 2020, which meant that up to 25 March this year, more than half of the national electricity production (54.6%) came from renewable energy sources. In this period, renewables as a whole were responsible for generating almost 35,000 GWh, a value that is 29% higher than in the same period in 2020.

Furthermore, on 23 January, wind power also recorded its highest daily energy contribution to Spain’s generation mix, reaching 413 GWh, 2.2% more than the previous all-time record, registered on 13 December 2019, when wind power produced 404 GWh.

Wind is the generation technology with the most installed power capacity nationwide, with a total of 27,370 MW and represents a quarter of the 109,899 MW of installed power capacity in the country, according to data updated in February 2021. Since 2017, the Spanish energy generation fleet has added nearly 4,300 MW of new wind power capacity.