Available on Google Play and Apple Store
Data on carbon-free electricity generation, now also available in Red Eléctrica de España’s redOS app
  • The generation of electricity produced using technologies that do not emit greenhouse gas emissions is one of the key indicators to monitor how the ecological transition is moving forward.
  • This new option of the app is available for both the ‘professional’ and ‘consumer’ profile and enables the emission-free energy generation, both at national level and in the peninsular, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands electricity systems, to be monitored.

redOS, the application developed by Red Eléctrica de España (REE) for mobile devices that shows the behaviour of the electricity system in real time, deploys new features. The app’s new update, now available on Google Play and Apple Store, includes, among other new functions, the option to consult and see the evolution of electricity production obtained from technologies that do not emit CO2 emissions.

The new version of redOS allows the two app profiles (‘professional’ and ‘consumer’) to consult and view real-time information regarding emission-free generation at a national level, or specifically for the peninsular, Balearic Islands or Canary Islands electricity systems.

REE, which launched redOS in November 2020 in order to offer society a tool for consulting information regarding the electricity system in real time, incorporates this new indicator to draw attention to and raise awareness on the share of renewable technologies and those which produce zero CO2 in the Spanish electricity system. The data presented is not only shown in real-time, but it is also provides information on the evolution of the share of emissions in the generation mix on a daily basis for the last 13 months. Additionally, a breakdown by technologies is provided together with the share that each of the technologies has in the generation mix.

The reduction of emissions in electricity generation is one of the Government's priorities, a goal which has been established in Spain’s Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) and which aims to achieve a minimum share of 74% of carbon-free technologies in the electricity generation mix by 2030. According to REE data, in 2020 this share stood at 67.3% of the total amount of GWh produced in Spain.