Meeting between the President of the Regional Government of Navarra and the Chairwoman of Red Eléctrica
Red Eléctrica and the Government of Navarra reaffirm their cooperation to continue promoting the ecological transition in the region
  • Both have agreed to join forces to ensure that Navarra completes the transformation of its energy model to-wards one that has renewable energy as a cornerstone.
  • Red Eléctrica's investments and projects in the region over the coming years amount to 90 million euros.

The President of the Government of Navarra, María Chivite, and the Chairwoman of the Red Eléctrica Group, Beatriz Corredor, held a meeting this morning in Pamplona with the aim of continuing to promote the ecological transition process in the region. According to data from Red Eléctrica, renewables produced more than half of the electricity in Navarra last year, with wind energy leading the region’s electricity generation mix. This technology currently accounts for 41.7% of the total power generation fleet in Navarra.

Ms. Chivite and Ms. Corredor also reaffirmed the cooperation between the Government of Navarra and Red Eléctrica de España, the Spanish electricity system operator and transmission agent.

"We are in complete harmony regarding the approach and development of the projects that are going to contribute to the ecological transition of the region of Navarra", said María Chivite, the President of the regional government.

For her part, Beatriz Corredor highlighted "the region's efforts to promote the transformation of its energy model towards one based on renewable energy and its commitment to a scenario of distributed generation through the promotion of household self-consumption. Navarra can continue to count on Red Eléctrica as an ally in the path it has taken towards a green and prosperous economy for the region."

The Chairwoman of Red Eléctrica has showcased the investments that are scheduled to be made by the Company in the region, which will amount to 90 million euros in the coming years. She also highlighted the key role that these investments will play in the economic and social development of Navarra, as they will not only contribute to bolstering the electricity supply in the region, but will also facilitate the integration of renewables and will result in an improvement in economic competitiveness, with significant benefits in the production chain and the activation of employment. 

Strategic projects within the region

During the meeting, María Chivite and Beatriz Corredor analysed the projects and investments underway in the region and those that will be carried out in the near future, as set out in the draft of the new 2021-2026 Electricity Transmission Grid Planning.

These include those aimed at optimising the HV electricity grid in service in the region and also various actions to renovate and improve existing facilities. The most important of these is the northern axis which will connect the entire Cantabrian coast with Europe and the Mediterranean Axis.

This infrastructure includes the connection of Itsaso in Gipuzkoa with the existing line in Navarra between Castejón and Muruarte. The administrative permitting process for this line, which has a budget of 70 million euros, will begin in the coming weeks. This project includes the dismantling of 120 kilometres of two 220 kV lines that are more than 50 years old. This action will enable the evacuation of surplus renewable energy in Navarra to the Basque Country and Europe and will be an essential pillar in the roadmap set by the regional government in its Energy Plan for Navarra for the 2030 Horizon, which envisages a significant increase in the region's installed renewable power capacity in this decade. 

Another fundamental project for the economic and social development of the region is the strengthening of the electricity supply for the local region of Tierra Estella from the existing substation in Muruarte. The administrative permitting process for this project will begin this year and its commissioning will contribute to guaranteeing a secure and quality supply in the middle of the Navarra region.
Meeting with the Confederation of Business Owners of Navarra

As part of her visit to Navarra, the Chairwoman of Red Eléctrica, Beatriz Corredor, will also meet with the President of the Confederation of Business Owners of Navarra, Juan Miguel Sucunza, and a group of businessmen in the energy sector to address issues of common interest such as the promotion of the energy transition and renewable energy projects in the region, as well as interconnection projects and the development of the transmission grid. The meeting will also be attended by the regional government ministers of Navarra, Elma Saiz, Regional Minister for Economy and Finance, and Mikel Irujo, Regional Minister for Economic and Business Development.