Gender equality
Red Eléctrica is committed to the Global Pact by encouraging female leadership within the group
  • It is taking part in the II edition of Target Gender Equality, a programme for female empowerment in pursuit of goal 5.5 of Agenda 2030: equal opportunities in the fields of politics, finance and the public sector.
  • The company, the only one in the IBEX 35 with parity in its Board of Directors, is continuing its work to achieve full parity in its management by 2030.

The Red Eléctrica Group is taking part in the II edition of Target Gender Equality (TGE), a programme for female empowerment with which it commits to increasing female leadership among the companies in the group. The company is part of more than 500 companies in 45 countries, 36 of which are Spanish, who have signed up this year.
Target Gender Equality is an initiative of the United Nations Global Pact to involve companies in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 5, to reach effective equality between men and women, and especially goal 5.5 which seeks to encourage full and effective participation by women and equal opportunities for leadership at all levels in decision making in politics, finance and the public sector.

“There are many reasons why women should occupy at least 50% of leadership positions. In Spain, women make up more than 51% of the working population and 60% of the population with university degrees. The companies that are most efficient, profitable and innovative are those with parity in their teams, and they show that initiatives made by women benefit everyone. This means that there is enough female talent to occupy the positions where decisions are made and we cannot afford not to take advantage of this”, says Beatriz Corredor, chair of the Red Eléctrica Group.

In the words of Cristina Sánchez, executive director of the United Nations Global Pact for Spain, “by joining the programme, Spanish companies are showing once again that their commitment is more than just words, and that they are taking firm action, seeking to make a greater contribution to SDG 5, which is also the goal that most companies in Spain have advanced towards. At a time when all studies reveal slow and insufficient progress towards this Goal, programmes like Target Gender Equality have proved to be a lever to speed up the process and achieve the goals of the Agenda 2030 more efficiently”.

The goal of Target Gender Equality is to encourage the presence of women in companies’ boards of directors and in executive positions. It is intended to guide the members towards setting and achieving ambitious targets for the presence and leadership of women at all levels through performance analysis, workshops for skills development, peer learning and dialogue with multiple interest groups at a national and international level. 

The participation of the Red Eléctrica Group, which is the only company in the IBEX 35 that currently has full parity in its board of directors, is one of many initiatives that are being undertaken to achieve parity, especially among the management for 2030. It currently stands at 32.4%. Other initiatives include the Equality Policy and the Diversity Plan, which aims to promote women’s access to positions of responsibility, equal pay for men and women, shared responsibilities at home, and the prevention of harassment, sex discrimination and gender-based violence.