In Valladolid
Red Eléctrica commissions the new Mudarra - Renedo line to reinforce the safety and quality of supply in the provinces of Palencia and Valladolid
  • The new infrastructure involves an investment of €10.6 million and doubles its connection with the Renedo substation, with two independent circuits.

Red Eléctrica de España has commissioned a new electricity transmission line connecting the Renedo substation with the La Mudarra substation, in Valladolid. The new infrastructure doubles the input and output connection of the Mudarra-Palencia line with the Renedo substation. This reinforces the safety of the transmission grid and improves the quality of supply in these two provinces.

With an investment of €10.6 million, the new 220kV line is 31.5 km long and runs from the Renedo substation to the point where it connects with the existing line towards La Mudarra. The former connection between the Palencia and Renedo substation is maintained and thus creates two circuits, Mudarra-Renedo and Palencia-Renedo. This set up increases the safety of supply, isolating any incident that may take place anywhere along the line.

This infrastructure has the most modern and reliable technology, in particular in the section above the A-62 road on its way through Cigales, where, for the first time in Spain, a 500 ton crane with a 100 m lattice jib was used. This provided more safety to the works and prevented cutting off and diverting traffic during construction.

The new facility highlights Red Eléctrica de España’s willingness to comply in due time and manner with its commitments and the improvement of electrical infrastructures in Castilla y León. 

The commissioning of these facilities has been possible thanks to the collaboration and coordination of all the administrations involved.