Commitment to sustainability
The Dow Jones index acknowledges Red Eléctrica as one of the most sustainable Spanish companies worldwide
  • The company renews its presence in the DJSI World, attaining 86 points


Red Eléctrica Group has been recognised, once again, as one of the most sustainable companies worldwide by the prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) prepared by S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment. The company has attained a global score of 86 points (score published on 12 November).

The DJSI measures the performance of companies worldwide on a yearly basis in environmental, social and governance matters. In this year’s review, it has analysed 2,544 companies, of which 322 have made it to the index. 15 of them are Spanish.

Red Eléctrica Group has been the company with the highest points in the industry in six criteria: materiality, business code of conduct, policy influence, innovation management and social and environmental reporting.

Commitment to sustainability

This recognition showcases the Group’s commitment to the highest standards and sustainability in order to contribute to attaining global goals, among which the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations (UN) stand out. Furthermore, the Company has consolidated its position in international markets as a benchmark for socially responsible investment.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index, a version of the Dow Jones New York Stock Exchange Index, is made up of companies which demonstrate a performance that is superior to that of their sector peers based on social, environmental and economic criteria. This index has become a key benchmark for socially responsible investors.