2021-2026 Plan in Extremadura
The Regional Minister for Ecological Transition discusses the execution of the new 2021-2026 Electricity Transmission Grid Plan with Red Eléctrica

The Regional Minister for Ecological Transition and Sustainability of the Regional Government of Extremadura, Olga García, and the Director General of Industry, Energy and Mines, Samuel Ruíz, met with representatives of Red Eléctrica de España to coordinate the work aimed at the execution of the infrastructures included in the 2021-2026 Electricity Transmission Grid Plan, which was approved by the Council of Ministers on 22 March.

In the case of Extremadura, according to the regional minister, "this new plan will enable us to meet the new needs of the region in areas such as the development of electrified railway infrastructure, the deployment of renewable energy and new industrial and urban developments".

On the other hand, Jorge Jiménez, REE's regional delegate in Extremadura, stressed that "this Plan, which is binding for Red Eléctrica, is to be carried out in dialogue with administrations and civil society, with rigorous respect for the environment and with the constant aim of generating more opportunities for the people of Extremadura".

The plan will therefore facilitate the electrification of the two high-speed railway axes that are essential for the region’s economic development: the connection with Madrid and Lisbon and, on the other hand, the connection between Mérida and Puertollano.

Similarly, these new grids will enable the evacuation of the important renewable generation that is growing substantially in the region, as well as beefing up the distribution grid and increasing the security of supply in many parts of Extremadura, without forgetting that the new infrastructures will boost the economic, industrial and social development of the logistical areas of Badajoz, Cáceres, Trujillo and Navalmoral.  

The Regional Minister has rated this plan very highly because it will make a significant contribution to the structuring of our territory, to industrial localisation and to the generation of wealth and employment.