Ruralizable, an initiative to support rural entrepreneurship
Redeia promotes 38 sustainable entrepreneurial projects for rural Spain and takes eight to the South Summit
  • The third edition of Ruralizable has mentored 75 entrepreneurs with business ideas and projects to improve life in rural areas, encourage the digital transformation of the agricultural and livestock sectors, drive the circular economy and support remote working from our villages 
  • Eight projects will be part of the Ruralizable stand at South Summit, raising their visibility among investors, startups and corporations. 

The third edition of Ruralizable, the largest support platform for rural entrepreneurship, led by Redeia and, is backing 38 business ideas or projects that promise a financial return but also have positive impact on the environment and rural areas.

These entrepreneurial initiatives are intended to improve the lives of the rural population, encourage the digital transformation of agriculture, livestock farming and local bodies, promote circular economy, improve waste processing and offer services for the digital nomads who choose to move to rural areas, among other solutions.

The projects are located practically everywhere in rural Spain, and are in different stages of maturity (from pre-seeding to growth), and they are led by 75 entrepreneurs (54 men and 21 women), most of whom are between 30 and 50 years old.

Ruralizable has offered them mentoring by 45 experts in entrepreneurship, communication or finance, to improve their business models, elevator pitches, value proposals, or any other aspect that each entrepreneur needed to work on. Redeia has provided 30 of these experts as part of an internal volunteering program, with special dedicated teams from corporation, Red Eléctrica and Elewit.

The jury panel in last weekend’s hackathon selected eight of these projects to be part of Ruralizable’s stand in the South Summit Madrid, Spain’s largest meeting for the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem, which attracts key actors such as companies and investment funds.

South Summit: from the wallapop for cows to reducing food waste

  • Alma NFT, a pioneering project created in Malaga that uses blockchain technology to create and maintain green areas and improve the quality of life in small towns.
  • Gobcity, software created in Barcelona to help councils manage urban issues with digital media. It includes a portal for citizen participation and a digital marketplace.
  • Kamarere, this project from Valladolid makes dehydrated powders from vegetable by-products for the restaurant industry, to promote circular economy and fight food waste.
  • Pyroflex is an initiative from Zaragoza that promotes circular economy by solving problems related to organic waste management by recovering it.
  • Tokenized Green is an ethical crowd-funding platform created in Burgos that applies blockchain technology to the rural property industry.
  • Vacapop, the bovine Wallapop, is an app for trading cattle, machinery, fodder and all kinds of livestock products that was created in Asturias.
  • Ventum Innovación is a platform set up in Badajoz that offers digital management for livestock farmers by applying the Internet of Things to control the environment, animals, building and facilities.
  • Workellers is a digital platform from Huesca to meet the needs of accommodation, co-working and administrative paperwork for digital nomads.


About Ruralizable

Ruralizable is a free platform that supports entrepreneurship in rural areas by offering mentoring, networking and participation in events and trade fairs. This year it is holding its third edition, after supporting over 100 projects. It is an initiative run by, a social platform with over 5 years’ experience in promoting projects to drive sustainable development. It has the support of Redeia, the parent company of Red Eléctrica, Hispasat, Reintel, Redinter and Elewit.