Redeia, leader in transparency regarding fiscal responsibility for the fourth consecutive year

The Haz Foundation awards Redeia the tax transparency seal in the 'T for Transparent ***' category, confirming the highest level of compliance

According to the Haz Foundation’s assessment, Redeia has continued to lead the IBEX 35 in transparency concerning fiscal responsibility for the fourth consecutive year. The foundation evaluates companies' governance systems and transparency practices to prevent fiscal risks.

The group achieved the maximum score in each of the 12 indicators analysed by the Haz Foundation for transparency and good governance (24 out of 24 points), maintaining its leading position from 2019, 2020, and 2021, when it also achieved 100% compliance.

Achieving the top score meant that the company has earned the seal in the foundations' highest category: Three stars, which is designated for organisations that score between 22 and 24 points (90% to 100% compliance).

Among the indicators examined, the foundation measures aspects such as the cooperative relationship with the tax administration, the role of the board of directors in driving and supervising good tax practices, and the transparent breakdown of taxes paid and accrued in different countries.

This year, 13 companies from the IBEX 35 were awarded the fiscal responsibility transparency seal. According to the Haz Foundation’s founder and director, Javier Martín Cavanna, 'these 13 companies, to which we hope many more will be added in the future, are leaders in transparency not only in our country but throughout the European Union. There is currently no country with a group of companies that has made such significant progress in the transparency of their fiscal responsibility. This is an area that will continue to gain more weight and importance in the future.'

The awarding of this seal recognises Redeia's efforts to disseminate and publish relevant information about their organisation, making it fully visible and accessible to all stakeholders. Redeia's leadership in transparency regarding fiscal responsibility for the fourth consecutive year reflects its strong commitment to tax transparency, as evidenced by the information it publishes on both its corporate website and in different reports.