Redeia Presents 26 ESO Students with the RedeSTEAM Award

Today, Redeia's Chairwoman, Beatriz Corredor, and the Secretary of State for Education, José Manuel Bar, presented the RedeSTEAM awards to the winning students of the second edition of this competition, organised by Redeia to promote scientific and technological vocations among girls.

The winners are 26 female students in the 3rd and 4th grades of ESO (Spanish compulsory secondary education) from the following schools: Mariano Barbacid, from Solana de los Barros (Badajoz); Pablo Ruiz Picasso, from El Ejido (Almería); Mater Inmaculata, from Madrid; Aguilar y Eslava, from Cabra (Córdoba); Comuneros de Castilla, from Burgos; Camino de la Miranda, from Palencia, and Claret, from Aranda de Duero (Burgos).

During the award ceremony, held as part of the Redeia Sustainability Conference at the headquarters of the Giner de los Ríos Foundation in Madrid, Beatriz Corredor highlighted "the enormous talent shown by all participants, with high-quality projects", demonstrating "the need to promote STEAM careers among women, from a young age as an essential condition for achieving a society that is truly capable of facing the ambitious challenges we face”.

The Secretary of State for Education, José Manuel Bar, also congratulated the award winners and emphasised "the importance of having the talent and potential of girls and women in scientific and technological disciplines." In his speech, he reiterated "the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training's commitment to advocating these vocations, promoting female role models, and fostering equality through education." For this purpose, the Ministry has launched, among other actions, the STEAM Alliance for female talent and the STEAM Alliance Awards.

The winners have enjoyed two intense days, yesterday and today, full of activities and workshops on engineering and robotics, programming, and scientific creativity organised by the telecommunications satellite operator Hispasat and the Big Van Science team of disseminators, scientists, and researchers. They also had the opportunity to chat with two leading women in the STEAM field: aeronautical engineer Verónica Pascual, president of ASTI Talent and Technology Foundation, and mathematician Mónica Domínguez, managing director of The Ministry of Education's Evaluation and Territorial Cooperation.