Redeia reaffirms its top rating on the Carbon Disclosure Project's A List for its leadership and transparency in climate action
  • The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), the nonprofit environmental organization that assesses leadership and transparency in climate action among companies worldwide, has reaffirmed Redeia's top score on its annual A List

CDP has analysed the performance, transparency, commitment, leadership, and best practices of 21,000 companies worldwide in the areas of climate change, deforestation, and water security. Out of these, only 346 globally, including 152 European companies, have achieved an A rating.

Redeia is one of 18 Spanish corporations that managed to qualify with the highest score, allowing them to be included on the A List.

Redeia retains this position, which it achieved a year ago, in this comprehensive environmental database of companies worldwide that examines the degree of alignment between investments and commitments to decarbonization and an economy resilient to the effects of climate change. 

This ranking provides entities worldwide with a more detailed picture of their environmental impacts and transition toward transparency, facilitating positive decision-making regarding climate and nature.

"At Redeia, we ensure electricity supply and connectivity, driving a fair ecological transition that adheres to sustainability criteria and contributes to social and geographical cohesion. In line with this commitment, we have implemented a Comprehensive Impact Strategy that will increase our contribution to climate action in Spain and Latin America. We are proud to reaffirm our position on the Carbon Disclosure Project’s A List because it endorses our work and encourages us to continue to strive every day and to advance firmly on the path of climate action, to which we are deeply committed," said Eva Pagán, Redeia's Director of Sustainability and Studies.

Meanwhile, the CDP's Executive Director, Sheila Madera, has highlighted that earning a spot on the A List, as Redeia has achieved, means "more than a score", as the ranking includes comprehensive and high-quality data that equips companies with a holistic view of their impacts to serve as the basis for their transition plans and climate ambitions.