Advanced vocational qualification in Power Stations
Red Eléctrica and the Regional Government of Castilla y León come together for a dual vocational training project

Red Eléctrica de España and the Regional Government of Castilla y León have signed a collaboration agreement to develop a dual vocational training project for an advanced vocational qualification in Power Stations, in which students will combine the processes of teaching and learning in a regional government training centre and at the company.

For the first time, Red Eléctrica and a Spanish autonomous community have come together to improve the training and qualifications of future professionals in an initiative that combines preparation in the classroom with direct training at a work centre.  During the period of training that will be provided at Red Eléctrica, students will receive a grant, awarded by the company.

A monitoring commission will be set up – made up of two representatives of the Regional Department of Education, and a further two from Red Eléctrica – which will be tasked with ensuring that the agreement is correctly carried out, as well as resolving any issues with interpretation and assessing its development.

The agreement was signed by Ángel Mahou, Corporate Director of Resources of Red Eléctrica, and Fernando Rey, Regional Minister for Education at the Regional Government, during an event held at the Centro Integrado de Formación Profesional Tecnológico Industrial in León.

Ángel Mahou highlighted the productive relationship with Castilla y León and brought to light that, with this shared project, “Red Eléctrica consolidates its commitment of transferring its know-how and providing society with the best and most competitive professionals, so that their access to the labour market benefits from maximum guarantees”.

On his part, Fernando Rey highlighted that “the dual vocational training provides an added value to students, which is what the company is seeking, specialisation – students learn what they cannot learn at the centre”.

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