€11.8 million invested in Zaragoza
Red Eléctrica improves the electricity supply of the largest international logistics platform in Spain

Red Eléctrica de España has invested 11.8 million euros in the construction of the 220 kilovolt (kV) line that connects the Plaza substation with the 220 kV Entrerríos-Montetorrero line, in order to strengthen the electricity supply to the largest international logistics platform in Spain, known as Plaza, with a surface area of ​​13 million m2, and home to more than 350 companies.

This new double circuit line is 4.8 km in length, of which 2.8 km is overhead line and the remaining 2 km constitute the first section of the 220 kV line that runs underground in the community of Aragón.

The design and construction of this line, which is part of the 2015-2020 Electricity Transmission Grid Development Plan, strengthens the electricity grid meshing in the Zaragoza area and has been specifically adapted to the area which is near a high-capacity motorway network, a military air base and the Zaragoza airport. In addition, the design of the route and layout of this line has included measures to protect the birdlife in the area.

The construction of this infrastructure is included in the actions that Red Eléctrica is carrying out to improve the electricity supply in and around the city of Zaragoza and to increase the capacity to evacuate power generation coming from renewable sources in the region.


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