An investment of 44.3 million euros
Red Eléctrica inaugurates the Murcia substation and the line that connects it to the El Palmar substation

The Regional Minister for Employment, Universities and Enterprise of the Region of Murcia, Juan Hernández, and the General Manager of Transmission Division for Red Eléctrica de España, Eva Pagán, today inaugurated the 220 kilovolt (kV) Murcia electricity substation, accompanied by the Mayor of Murcia, José Ballesta, and the Regional Delegate for Red Eléctrica de España, Maite Vela.

The Murcia substation will allow the contribution, from the power transmission grid of Red Eléctrica de España to the electricity distribution grid, of the energy needed to guarantee the supply for the current demand of the southern zone as well as for future developments, improving the quality and reliability of the electricity supply in the city of Murcia. It is fed by a 220kV double-circuit underground line 8.3 km in length connected to the El Palmar substation. The total investment of the Company amounted to 44.3 million euros.

It is an armored substation, of new generation and installed inside a building. This technology requires less space and offers greater reliability and security than a conventional substation.

Iberdrola, through its electricity distribution subsidiary, has allocated more than 5 million euros to the construction and commissioning of the 20kV medium-voltage system of the substation.

The Murcia substation has an initial installed power capacity of 100 Mega Volt Amp (MVA), that can be scaled up to 150 MVA, enough to provide the electricity supply service to more than 300,000 people.

These new infrastructures contribute to Murcia having a modern, safe and reliable electricity grid, with sufficient power to enable its economic development in the coming years.


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