Investment of 6.8 million euros
Red Eléctrica commissions two new reactors in Córdoba and in Seville

Red Eléctrica de España has commissioned two new reactors, one in the Cabra substation (Córdoba) and the other in the Guillena substation (Seville), in order to help maintain voltage stability of the transmission grid within the appropriate parameters and to strengthen the quality of the electricity supply in the zone.

These reactors, which recently received their corresponding commissioning certificate, have been installed in the 400-kilovolt switchyard of each substation, increasing the nominal power capacity of each by 150 megavolt-amperes.

Red Eléctrica has invested a total of 6.8 million euros (3.4 in each) in these projects which are part of the actions included in the 2015-2020 Electricity Infrastructure Planning, approved by the central government.

Red Eléctrica will invest around 336 million euros specifically in the autonomous community of Andalusia in projects associated with the aforementioned Planning until the year 2020.


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