Red Eléctrica promotes a new corporate volunteering model
  • With an approach based on the creation of added value in our territory and the development of personal and professional skills

The Red Eléctrica Group has implemented a new corporate volunteering model consistent with the company’s philosophy and focus of activity that is based on two fundamental pillars: the creation of added value in our territory and the development of both personal and professional skills. This corporate volunteer programme is aligned with the company’s 2030 Sustainability Commitment, both of which help contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals by addressing the needs of the environment.  

Therefore, and with a view to organising and providing a sustainable strategy for the volunteer work carried out at the organisation, the Group has developed a management model, a manual, and a 2018-2020 multi-year plan, based on which actions are already being implemented nationwide.

The initiatives underway are designed to promote talent and training, while improving society and the environment. One standout among them is a summertime initiative that consists of waste collection in natural settings and encourages employees to contribute by their example to preserving our forests, beaches, and mountains. This activity is part of the LIBERA project, the goal of which is to raise awareness and motivate citizens to keep natural spaces litter-free.

In another area of activity, the plan also includes actions aimed at working with sensitive groups. The mentoring programme for people with disabilities and workplace potential, and the programme to support boys and girls at risk of abandonment with vocational training are two examples that demonstrate the extent of the Red Eléctrica Group’s commitment.

All of these actions involve the special participation of Volunteer Ambassadors, who help disseminate the plan and mobilise new volunteers across the country.

The Group’s commitment to sustainability

The Red Eléctrica Group has an ambitious 2030 Sustainability Commitment, linked to the business strategy, with long-term scope. This commitment focuses on four sustainability priorities, with which the company assumes the responsibility of establishing itself as a key player in the construction of a sustainable future: decarbonising the economy, creating a responsible value chain, anticipating and taking action in the face of change, and contributing to environmental development, by providing an essential service in a safe and efficient way, promoting environmental conservation, and involving the community to improve people’s quality of life.


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