Chaired by Carmen Gómez de Barreda
Red Eléctrica’s Board of Directors creates the Sustainability Committee
  • This committee was created on the proposal of Red Eléctrica’s Chairman, Jordi Sevilla, and arises from the strategic nature associated with sustainability within the Red Eléctrica Group.
  • It is voluntary in nature and is made up primarily of independent directors.
  • It will work with the management team to strengthen a sustainable and ethical leadership model, and seeks to transfer the corporate values to suppliers, collaborators and shareholders.


After a favourable report from the Appointments and Remuneration Committee, the Board of Directors of Red Eléctrica Corporación has created the Sustainability Committee on the proposal of its Chairman, Jordi Sevilla.

Once the meeting of the Board of Directors had finished, the new committee, consisting of two independent directors, Carmen Gómez de Barreda and Alberto Carbajo, and an external nominee director, María Teresa Costa, met and appointed the Lead Independent Director, Carmen Gómez de Barreda, as its chairwoman.

The creation of this committee is voluntary and does not respond to any legal requirement, and arises from the strategic nature associated with sustainability within the Red Eléctrica Group and the demands of its stakeholders.

Its objective is to supervise and promote actions related to the deployment of the 2030 Sustainability Commitment and a corporate culture that takes into account the social impact of the Group's actions in the areas in which Red Eléctrica’s activities may have an impact.

The Sustainability Commission will work with the Company's management team to strengthen, with the Board’s support, a model of ethical leadership; and to promote and oversee the policies and measures adopted to transfer these ethical values to the suppliers, collaborators and shareholders of the Company.

This step is consistent with Red Eléctrica's commitment to continue demonstrating its leadership in terms of sustainability, and to do so within the evolution and innovation process of its governance model. To this end, the management team recently underwent a reorganisation and the Corporate Department of Sustainability and External Relations was created. Red Eléctrica’s performance has the recognition of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) analysts as a benchmark company in the field of sustainability.

With these changes, Red Eléctrica Corporación transfers its sustainability priorities to the structure of its Board of Directors, adopting the most groundbreaking trends.


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