Red Eléctrica de España enlarges the Mezquita substation in Teruel
  • This will allow the integration of 370 new megawatts of renewable energy into the electricity system.
  • The Mezquita substation is the centre piece around which the Company undertook the electricity grid meshing in Teruel in recent years



Red Eléctrica de España has started the engineering works for the enlargement of the Mezquita substation, located next to the town of Mezquita de Jarque, in Teruel. These works, which will last for 7 months, will make it possible to evacuate and integrate 370 new megawatts from renewable sources (300 MW wind and 70 MW solar photovoltaic) into the electricity system, confirming the remarkable growth that this type of generation is registering in the province of Teruel and in the autonomous community of Aragón.

The Mezquita de Jarque substation is the centre piece around which the Company undertook the electricity grid meshing in Teruel in recent years. Inaugurated in 2012, it is comprised of two transmission switchyards, 400 and 220 kilovolts (kV) respectively, with a joint transformer capacity of 600 megavolt-amperes (MVA). In addition, it has become the main electricity transmission hub for Teruel, as it links electricity lines between the Ebro valley (Fuendetodos) and Castellón (Morella), as well as others in the interior of the province (Mudéjar, Calamocha). This set of actions has significantly improved both the capacity for the development of renewable energy (Muniesa, Calamocha, Mezquita and Mudéjar substations) and the support for electricity distribution through Calamocha, which results in a better service for the final consumer.

The new 220 kV Mezquita-Valdeconejos-Escucha axis will be added to these infrastructures, the construction of which will be carried out by Red Eléctrica in the coming months with an expected investment of 11 million euros.

The significant investment plan, 138 million euros between 2011 and 2017 in electricity lines and substations, carried out by Red Eléctrica in Teruel, has been key to improving the transmission infrastructure in the province and providing it with a grid that will help meet its current and future electricity needs.


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