One of the world's leading specialists in electric vehicle
C. C. Chan visits Red Eléctrica's Control Centre of Renewable Energies

The Honorary Professor at the University of Hong Kong, C. C. Chan, one of the most internationally renowned experts in electric vehicles, has today attended a breakfast organized by Casa Asia, the Sustainability Excellence Club and Red Eléctrica de España at said company's facilities. Additionally, he has visited the Control Centre of Renewable Energies (Cecre), the only centre in the world dedicated to the safe integration of these sources of energy.

During the event, in which the challenges faced by the integration of the electric vehicle were analysed, Professor Chan highlighted the efforts being carried out for its implementation and promotion in Asia. Additionally, he stated that "closed minds do not change the world" and has highlighted that "counting on a high performance quality product at a reasonable price, with good and efficient charging infrastructures, and with a good business model" are key for the implementation of the electric vehicle.

The founder of the International Research Centre for Electric Vehicles, who is also an adviser in the field of the electric vehicle to governments and automobile companies, showed a great interest in the operation of the Cecre and emphasized the technological capacity demonstrated by Red Eléctrica to manage the integration of renewable energies.

Directors from the companies belonging to the Sustainability Excellence Club also attended this event.