The Chinese Vice-Premier, Li Keqiang, visits Red Eléctrica's Control Centre of Renewable Energies
Li Keqiang, Vice-Premier of China, has today visited Red Eléctrica to learn more about the Control Centre of Renewable Energies (CECRE), a key tool for the management of renewable energies.

During the visit, Mr. Li showed great interest in the operation of CECRE and praised the capacity of innovation demonstrated by Red Eléctrica to manage the integration of energies of renewable origin, an experience which led him to note, "we, the rest of the countries, should learn from this".

The Vice-Premier added that he is going to encourage the people in charge of State Grid, Red Eléctrica's counterpart in China, to visit the facilities of the Spanish company in order to see first-hand the studies and procedures used to manage renewable production. In this way, Mr. Li insisted that renewable energies will be fundamental in the future and emphasised that Red Eléctrica's CECRE has already demonstrated that it is a challenge which is possible to overcome.

The Chinese Vice-Premier and the directors of Red Eléctrica agreed that this visit would open the doors to future collaborations regarding the operation and transmission of electricity. In these meetings, that will represent a forum for the exchange of experiences, the Spanish contribution concentrating on the scope of the integration of renewable energies and the Chinese focusing on Direct Current technology.

Cecre, which was commissioned in 2006, is the first centre in the world which controls and manages the generation of the renewable energy producers, mainly wind-power. Its objective is to integrate into the electricity system the greatest possible amount of renewable energy whilst maintaining quality levels and guaranteeing the security of supply. In 2010 16% of the Spanish peninsular electrical energy was covered with wind-power energy.