Collaboration agreement signed between the operators of the Spanish and Brazilian electricity systems
José Folgado, Chairman of Red Eléctrica de España, and Hermes J. Chipp, General Director of Operador Nacional do Sistema Elétrico (ONS), of Brazil; have signed a collaboration agreement in the field of electricity system operation. This agreement focuses on the integration of renewable energies and the operation of direct current electricity systems.

Red Eléctrica will bring its expertise and knowledge regarding the integration of renewable energy and will share the operational developments created by the Company in order to adapt to the characteristics of these energies, whereas ONS will offer its knowledge regarding the management of direct current systems.

Given that electricity transmission lines in Spain use alternating current, the experience of ONS regarding the operation of direct current electricity systems is especially relevant to Red Eléctrica. From their side, ONS values the ability that Red Eléctrica has had in the integration of more than 20 gigawatts of wind power energy as a result of its development of the first control centre for renewable energy in the world (Cecre).

The Brazilian company, founded in 1998, is responsible for the coordination and control of power generation facilities and electricity transmission in the Brazilian national interconnected system, managing a network of 765 kilovolts (kV) in alternating current and 600 kV in direct current.

This agreement, which comes into force today and will last for three years, will also address other issues related to the development of various aspects associated to the smart grid concept, such as the electric vehicle, energy storage, smart meters, etc.