Luis Atienza takes part in a Sustainability Excellence Club event in Shanghai
Corporate responsibility is a global policy of Red Eléctrica

Luis Atienza, Chairman of Red Eléctrica de España, has today taken part in a "Day on corporate responsibility in enterprise" organised in the Shanghai World Expo by the Sustainability Excellence Club.

During his participation, Atienza emphasized the role of Red Eléctrica as the leading company in the World regarding the integration of renewable energy. "The complexity of the challenge of integrating renewable energy in Spain, virtually an electric island, has obliged us to move forward. Our Control Centre of Renewable Energies, which is unique in the world, makes it possible for the production of almost 20,000 megawatts of installed wind power in Spain, which is capable of contributing, depending on the wind, 54% of the demand at one given moment in time and 1% at another, is always integrated into the system under secure conditions".

Atienza indicated that during 2010, and thanks to some exceptional conditions, 40% of the electricity produced in Spain came from renewable sources. "The wind and rain, unusually more abundant than normal, have allowed the levels anticipated for 2020 to be reached within the first few months of this year. Nevertheless, we must still continue working to guarantee that in the future we will be able to fulfil our commitments."

In order to satisfy the European Union agreement, which states that of the total energy consumed, including road transportation, at least 20% shall be produced from renewable sources in the year 2020, it is necessary for this percentage to reach 40% in the electricity sector.

To achieve this, according to the Chairman of Red Eléctrica, it will be necessary to make advances regarding the tools for electricity operation, such as pumped storage; secondly, it will be essential to improve demand side management, by means of extending smart grids; thirdly, it will be necessary to increase Spain's electricity interconnection capacity; and, finally, the electric vehicle represents an opportunity to be able to integrate renewable energy and fulfil that objective, provided this is carried out with an adequate management of a tariff policy which encourages overnight recharging.

In addition to Atienza, the following also took part in the event held in Shanghai: Baldomero Falcones, President of Grupo FCC, who highlighted his company's backing for sustainability; Eduardo Montes, President of Ferroatlántica, who announced an investment of 700 million euros for the construction of the largest silicon factory in the World in China; and Wang Shi, President of the Chinese group Vanke, one of the most important real estate companies in China, who highlighted the need for including sustainability criteria in construction.