Historic maximum of instantaneous wind power energy, reaching 14,962 MW
The demand for electrical energy grew 3.3% in November

The demand for electrical energy on the Spanish peninsula reached 21,969 GWh in the month of November, representing an increase of 3.3% with respect to the same month in 2009. The growth in gross demand was 7.2% due to noticeably colder temperatures than those registered in November last year.

In the first eleven months of the year electricity consumption was 237,327 GWh, 3.2% higher than in the same period last year, and 3.6% in gross terms.

Evolution of demand growth 

Blue line: Gross demand.
Red line: Demand.

Wind power maximums
During the month of November wind power energy exceeded the historical maximums for instantaneous power, hourly energy and daily energy. On 9 November the instantaneous production of wind power energy reached 14,962 MW at 2.46 pm, 13.5% more than the previous record, registered on 8 November. That same day the hourly and daily energy maximums were also exceeded, with 14,752 MW and 315,258 MWh, respectively. Generation obtained from renewable energy sources reached 33.3% of the total generation. This means that so far this year, the generation coming from renewable energy sources is 34.4%.

Additionally, 55.2% of the electricity generated during the month was produced by technologies which do not produce CO2 emissions.

Generation mix in the month of November

Generation mix January to November 2010

NB As of June this year, we have been taking as a reference the demand figures once the effects of seasonal and working patterns have been factored in to provide data which better reflects actual consumption figures.