European transmission grid operators and environmental organisations join forces to promote sustainable development of electricity facilities
In Brussels today, the Renewables Grid Initiative, a coalition of Europe's largest grid operators, amongst which Red Eléctrica is included, and the continent's most representative environmental organisations, have presented to the European Energy Commissioner, Günther H. Oettinger, a declaration by which they uphold that both the nature conservation efforts and the development of electricity systems that allow a greater integration of renewable energies "should go hand in hand".

By way of this joint declaration, the grid operators commit to helping meet Europe's objectives regarding environmental protection, whilst NGOs commit to supporting electricity grid developments which are crucial for the integration of renewables. Similarly, the coalition also pledges to encourage transparency and address public acceptance.

Luis Atienza, Chairman and CEO of Red Eléctrica, as a member of this coalition, stated that: "taking full advantage of the use of renewable energy is an exigency to which we must dedicate all our efforts. Renewable energies, which are intermittent, require a more robust and meshed electricity transmission network, but they also require a more intelligent network that respects the environment. This can only be accomplished with the commitment of us all and the acceptance of society".

Günther H. Oettinger, who champions and backs this initiative, indicated that "we need to strengthen the European electricity transmission network in order to achieve ambitious goals set out in the energy policies. This must be done in agreement with society, respecting the standards that relate to nature conservation. It is for this reason that the European Commission welcomes the Renewables Grid Initiative as a platform of grid operators and environmental associations, with a view to working together and finding mutually acceptable solutions".

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