The Junta de Andalucía and Red Eléctrica sign a collaboration protocol to drive transmission grid development
The Councillor for Economy, Innovation and Science of the Junta de Andalucía, Antonio Ávila, and the Chairman of Red Eléctrica de España, Luis Atienza, have signed an agreement by which both institutions are committed to establishing a collaboration framework which allows them to carry out a joint monitoring, coordination and optimization of the planning and operation activities of the electricity transmission grid, as well as driving the administrative procedures regarding transmission grid facilities included in the current Electricity and Gas Sector Plan 2008-2016, especially those where the Junta de Andalucía is responsible for their authorisation.

With this initiative, on one hand, the development of electricity transmission facilities which increase the capacity of the system is expected, thus achieving an improvement in the quality of the supply to the public; and on the other hand the incorporation of energy from renewable sources into the grid is facilitated, as well as the development of productive activities.

With regard to the new facilities for the generation of electricity under the special regime - cogeneration and renewable energies, Red Eléctrica will review the evacuation capacity according to the Transmission Grid Planning for the 2016 horizon, by means of the application of criteria oriented to maximise the integration of this compatible generation with the system security in accordance with the energy policy.

Investment in the transmission grid
The transmission infrastructure which Red Eléctrica has planned to develop in Andalucía over the next few years represents an investment of or 5 billion, and shall be carried out in the period 2010-2014.

These activities have as main objectives the reinforcement of the security of supply in the main nuclei of consumption; the evacuation of new generation; the support to the powering of the High Speed Trains, and the increase of the electrical interconnection capacity between Spain and Portugal.

Development of the electricity transmission grid in Andalucía until 2014 

Noteworthy amongst the most important projects is the new interconnection line with Portugal between Guillena and Sotavento, and the Guillena-Brovales-Saint Serván-Almaraz line, which will join from north to the south the two interconnections with Portugal. These axes will consolidate the strategic position of Andalucía within the national energy map.

The Caparacena-Baza-La Ribina line (400 kV), associated to the evacuation of electricity from renewable sources, and the reinforcements of the axes between Granada-Malaga (220 kV), Granada-Almeria (220 kV) and the coasts of Huelva and Cadiz (220 kV), along with the closing of the Sevilla ring to reinforce the security of supply in nuclei of high consumption, are other significant projects which Red Eléctrica has forecasted to be put into service over the next few years.