Through the corporate volunteer group “EnREDando”
Over five tonnes of foodstuff donated by Red Eléctrica employees
Red Eléctrica de España has donated 5,181.18 kilograms of foodstuff (both solids and liquids) to 21 food banks and six Caritas centres nationwide, thanks to an initiative driven through its corporate volunteer group “EnREDando”.

The campaign, called "Operation Kilo-Litre" began on October 29 and consisted of the collection, by volunteers from the Company, of food products like pasta, legumes, rice, oil, sugar or milk, in Red Eléctrica work centres throughout the country.

Aware of the economic difficulties many families are experiencing nowadays, Red Eléctrica employees collected 5,181.18 kilograms of the food products (equivalent to an average of 3.15 kilograms per worker), in a campaign in which the management team was also involved.

Exceptionally noteworthy was Red Eléctrica’s work centre in Merida that exceeded all expectations as nine employees made a total donation of 225 kilograms of foodstuff (both solids and liquids), equating to a value of 25 per employee.

During the days following the collection of food, each work centre involved was responsible for its delivery to food banks and Caritas centres nationwide.

The Corporate Volunteer Group “EnREDando” was formed in 2005 in altruistic manner and thanks to the initiative and concerns of the employees of the Company. In the eight years it has been functioning, “EnREDando” has carried out dozens of charity projects regarding fair trade days, participation in charity races, the organisation of charity auctions of Christmas gifts and food collections, amongst others.