Red Eléctrica and the Generalitat Valenciana sign two agreements for environmental conservation and improvement

During the visit today of José Folgado, Chairman of Red Eléctrica, to Valencia, the Company and the Generalitat have signed two collaboration agreements, one regarding the prevention and fighting of forest fires, and another on the regeneration and reforestation of an area of the Sierra Calderona natural park.

With these initiatives, Red Eléctrica reaffirms its commitment towards sustainable development and environmental protection, which are strategic pillars of its activity.

The agreement signed in the morning between the Company and the Valencian Regional Government Council aims to set out the conditions for collaboration regarding prevention and fighting of forest fires in the vicinity of electricity lines. The agreement defines the action protocols and coordination in case of fire, as well as the coordination during vegetation maintenance works under the electricity lines as required by forestry law within the Community of Valencia.

The second agreement, signed with the Valencian Regional Council for Infrastructure, Territory and Environment, aims to support reforestation and regeneration of the area affected by the 2008 forest fire in the Sierra Calderona natural park, specifically, in the area classified as common land located in the “La Comediana” highland areas, property of the Albalat town council and managed by the Generalitat. This agreement falls within the framework of the "Red Eléctrica Forest" environmental programme.

Red Eléctrica will allocate to both agreements a total of 100,000 euros through the end of the year and 20,000 euros per year for the next six years.

The agreements were signed by Serafín Castellano, Regional Government Councillor, and Isabel Bonig, Regional Councillor for Infrastructure, Territory and Environment, respectively, and on behalf of Red Eléctrica by Carlos Collantes, General Manager of Transmission, and Ana Cuevas, Director of the Chairman’s Office.