The project will allow the natural corridors between the major colonies in Europe to be restored
Red Eléctrica collaborates in the programme for the reintroduction of the Black Vulture in Catalonia
Red Eléctrica collaborates in the project for the reintroduction of the Black Vulture in Catalonia and through which today another seven specimens have been released and incorporated into the new colony of this species in the National Reserve of Boumort, located in the region of Pallars Jussà (Lleida).

Red Eléctrica's backing of the project for the reintroduction of the Black Vulture in Catalonia began in 2008 and has been renewed until 2015 with a total contribution to the programme of 304,000 euros. This contribution is earmarked for radio-tagging and terrestrial & satellite telemetry tracking of new specimens, and for the placement of nesting platforms and control cameras.

It will also make it possible to carry out an educational programme to promote favourable attitudes of citizens towards the conservation of nature and, in particular, of this species.

Radio telemetry tagging of the specimens released will allow the dispersal movements of these predators to be studied and moreover to get to know, monitor and evaluate the process of their integration in nature as well as the subsequent evolution of the established colony.

This project stems from the programme for the recovery of the vultures in Europe that began in France two decades ago with the aim of creating an ecological bridge of natural corridors between the major European colonies of the Black Vulture. The project is managed by the Generalitat de Catalunya and Caixa Catalunya's Social Work program and is coordinated by GREFA (Group for the Rehabilitation of the Indigenous Fauna and its Habitat) and the Trenca association together with the collaboration of the Junta de Extremadura.

Until 2012, 38 specimens from other autonomous communities have been released, of which 14 were equipped with radio tracking transmitters (VHF) and 20 with GPS satellite transmitters funded by Red Eléctrica.

Of the new colony of Black Vultures released, about 20 specimens remain established in the release area and the colony has grown in number with the birth of 6 chicks, confirming the excellent results of this programme, on a continental scale, for the conservation of a species extinct in the area for more than a century.