Inauguration of the Guadame-Cabra-La Roda-Arcos line
Red Eléctrica completes the main axis of electrical energy transmission between the north and south of Andalusia
Investment of 149.1 million euros, represented works in eight substations and the installation of over 250 kilometres of new 400kV line

The chairman of Red Eléctrica de España, Luis Atienza, and the advisor for Science, Innovation and Economy of the Junta de Andalucía (the Andalusian regional government), Antonio Ávila, this morning inaugurated, in Marmolejo (Jaén), the new Guadame-Cabra-La Roda-Arcos 400 kilovolt (kV) electricity transmission line, that constitutes one of the major investments made in the energy transmission grid in Andalusia and represents an important reinforcement of the infrastructures which will guarantee the security of supply and cover the new energy needs of this autonomous community.

The total investment in the project group reached 149.1 million euros. Its conclusion and commissioning culminates seven years of constant renovation and strengthening of the elements of the North-South axis of the transmission grid, with works in the provinces of Jaén, Córdoba, Seville, Cádiz and Málaga, noteworthy amongst which is the construction of three new substations, the expansion of a fourth one and more than 250 kilometres of new 400kV double-circuit line.

Specifically, the Guadame-Cabra-La Roda-Arcos project includes 13 works, eight of them in substations and five in transmission lines:

  • Three new 400 kV substations in Arcos de la Frontera (Cádiz), La Roda de Andalucía (Seville) and Cabra (Córdoba).
  • Expansion of the Guadalquivir Medio (Guadame) substation in Marmolejo (Jaén).
  • Modifications in four substations: Don Rodrigo (Seville), Pinar del Rey (Cádiz), Puerto de la Cruz (Cádiz) and Tajo de la Encantada (Málaga).
  • New 73 km stretch of double-circuit line - Cabra-Guadame.
  • New 144 km stretch of double-circuit line - Arcos de la Frontera-Cabra (Arcos de la Frontera-La Roda de Andalucía section).
  • New 43 km stretch of double-circuit line Arcos de la Frontera-Cabra (La Roda de Andalucía-Cabra section).
  • New 2 km stretch of incoming line to the Arcos substation from the double-circuit line Don Rodrigo-Pinar del Rey-Puerto de la Cruz.
  • New 5 km stretch of incoming line to the Cabra substation from the Guadame-Tajo de la Encantada line.

The objectives of this energy transmission grid reinforcement project in Andalusia are those of the evacuation of wind power generation from the area of the Strait, not only the current but also that forecasted in the planning, the evacuation of the new generation from combined-cycle stations in Málaga and Cádiz and that of the remaining special regime generation, support for the power supply of the high speed railway network and supplying power for the important electricity consumption of the Andalusian coast and those zones around the aforementioned infrastructures.

The Guadame substation has become one of the main electrical energy transmission grid nodes in Andalusia. It has two yards, one 400 kV and another 220 kV, and is a facility which is vitally important in guaranteeing the supply in the central zone of the Community. In addition to the inauguration of the line and substation, and the unveiling of a commemorative plaque, Guadame celebrated an open door day this morning in which students and neighbours of Marmolejo were able to learn more about the transmission grid and the operation of the electricity system.

The Andújar Project
The chairman of Red Eléctrica de España and the Economic advisor of the Junta de Andalucía also detailed the scope of the Andújar Project, a name which encompasses the main infrastructures anticipated by Red Eléctrica de España in the province of Jaén in the next five years and that will represent an investment in excess of 58 million euros. The project contemplates the construction of a new substation in Úbeda, expansions in the Guadame, Andújar and Olivares (Jaén) substations and more than 130 kilometres of new 220 kV line between Andújar-Guadame, Andújar-Úbeda and Úbeda- Olivares.

The Andújar Project has, as its objective, to increase the guarantee and security of supply in response to the growth in demand forecasted in the area, as well as to improve the transmission grid meshing and to support the distribution grid in the surrounding localities.