Red Eléctrica dismantle the Vic-Pierola section of line in Santa Eugènia de Berga

Red Eléctrica de España has today dismantled tower 163 belonging to the old section of the Vic-Pierola 400 kilovolt (kV) line in Santa Eugènia de Berga (Barcelona), in accordance with the project for the reorganisation of the electricity transmission grid which the new Sentmenat-Vic-Bescanó axis entails. Encompassed within this project is the compaction of a part of the old stretches of line with the new lines, which allows transmission grid meshing to be strengthened and at the same time reduces the visual impact.

The new Vic-Pierola line coincides to a large extent with the Sentmenat-Bescanó and Vic-Bescanó lines, which makes it possible for some of the towers to be shared and allows 37.2 km of the old section to be disassembled. The route of the old section of line to be dismantled affects the muncipalities of Sant Llorenç Savall, Gallifa, Sant Feliu de Codines, Sant Quirze Safaja, Sant Martí de Centelles, Centelles, Seva, Taradell, El Brull, Santa Eugenia de Berga, Calldetenes and Folgueroles.

Works for the dismantling of the circuits and towers of the old Vic-Pierola line began this June and will last for approximately one year.

The 400 kV Sentmenat-Vic-Bescanó line is one of the three projects that will facilitate the electricity interconnection with France, and its layout and route will allow a greater number of kilometres of line to be dismantled than those constructed, that is to say, a total of 92.8 km of lines disassembled as opposed to 89.3 km of newly constructed line.

The dismantling process is carried out in accordance with that set out in the Environmental Impact Declaration of the Sentmenat-Vic-Bescanó line, whereby it is being carried out following the same preventative and corrective measures regarding impacts as those established for the laying of this new electricity line.