Commitment of the Company to sustainable development
Red Eléctrica inaugurates the Tarragona Maintenance Centre, a building with a high energy efficiency rating
Red Eléctrica de España has today inaugurated the Tarragona Maintenance Centre, the fourth new building of the Company that has achieved a type B energy efficiency rating, the highest certification that can be obtained for a facility based purely on construction criteria.

The Tarragona Maintenance Centre is a services building for the electricity transmission grid in the southern and western areas of Catalonia. With a floor area of 561 square metres and the capacity to accommodate more than 20 people, it will serve the needs of both the Lleida and Tarragona substations.

The Tarragona Maintenance Centre, together with the buildings of Casaquemada in Seville; Mangraners, in Lleida, and Ribadavia in Orense, responds to Red Eléctrica’s commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, consolidated as strategic axes of the Company.

These new buildings are constructed with high energy-efficient materials and systems that contribute to the reduction of electricity energy and water consumption.

Energy Efficiency
There is an energy efficiency rating chart (with 7 values ranging from A to G), based on estimated primary energy consumption, expressed in kWh/year, and CO2 emissions in kg/m2 emitted into the atmosphere, resulting from the consumption of electricity for air conditioning/heating and hot water.

The Tarragona building was built with the following elements and materials:

  • Insulation in façades and roofs, and double glazing with solar control glass that minimise energy losses and optimize the use of climate control systems.
  • Installation of lighting with motion detectors in doorways, and automatic regulation of intensity depending on the natural light in work areas.
  • Solar collector system to help keep electricity consumption for hot water to the minimum.
  • Reducing water consumption through the use of an aerated tap system.
  • Energy efficiency meters to control electricity consumption.
  • Recharging posts for electric cars.

The Tarragona building could have benefited from an A type rating if it had had total or partial self-supply of energy, but the regulations governing the sector prohibits Red Eléctrica, as it is the Spanish electricity system operator, from generating energy. Therefore, the score obtained is the maximum a facility can achieve based on how it was built.