Red Eléctrica installs nests for the Peregrine Falcon in its infrastructure in the southeast of Madrid
Red Eléctrica de España is carrying out a conservation programme of the Peregrine Falcon based on the installation of nesting boxes in the transmission line towers in the area of the Southeast Regional Park, in Madrid, with the aim of promoting the increase in the current population of this species in the area.

This activity is being carried out jointly with the Ministry of Environment and Territorial Planning of the Community of Madrid, who through the Southeast Regional Park has provided these nesting boxes and has identified the most suitable electricity line towers where they are to be located.

The electricity transmission line towers assume an important ecological role in areas lacking natural structures suitable for breeding birds and, as in the case of the park, they become the most suitable habitat for the reproduction of falcons, especially due to its isolation from human influence.

The operation was supervised by the Maintenance and Environmental departments of Red Eléctrica, whose technicians had taken measurements of the towers and carried out the preliminary work for the locating of the new nesting boxes.

For installation of these pine plywood nesting boxes, measuring 50x50x50cm and weighing approximately 6 kg, specialised personnel from Red Eléctrica accesses the towers and hoists the nesting boxes up via a system of pulleys and ropes to then anchor them to the structure with metal flanges.

In addition to this activity and within the collaboration framework established with the General Directorate for the Environment of the Community of Madrid, Red Eléctrica will sponsor a study for the conservation of the Peregrine Falcon. This work aims to obtain the necessary information of the movements of this bird of prey and the impact of different threats detected concerning reproduction and population of the species in order to develop management guidelines that contribute to the recovery of the Peregrine Falcon in the SPA (Special Protection Area)/Southeast Regional Park.