Red Eléctrica presents its Technological Innovation and Development Plan 2012-2016
Red Eléctrica de España has renewed its R&D&i programme with the new Technological Innovation and Development Plan 2012-2016. This new programme foresees actions oriented to the development of a transmission grid integrated at a European level and the incorporation of new technologies and resources regarding system operation, such as demand-side management, energy storage and smart grids, in order to reach the strategic goals in the most efficient manner.

The Technological Innovation and Development Plan, which will be carried out over the next five years, establishes an action framework materialized on four fundamental axes: Key activities, Management, monitoring and dissemination, Technological monitoring and Technology demonstration platforms.

The key activities constitute the fundamental nucleus of the new plan and are directed towards driving a pan-European transmission grid, and the development of new resources for the operation of the electricity system and new solutions for the transmission grid that contemplate their development in a more sustainable way.

In addition, in each of these activities, high-priority lines of work have been defined such as demand-side management, promoting the electric vehicle and smart grids, the increase of transmission load capacity, the improvement of forecasting systems, the monitoring in real time of the facilities, or the reduction of the environmental impact of the same.

Moreover, these high-priority lines are deployed in specific actions such as research and the technical and economic implications for transmission and the operation of possible submarine grids for the evacuation of offshore wind generation, the development of devices to control the power flow in lines and the voltage at substations, or the improvement of the tools used to forecast the demand and non-manageable generation (wind and solar).

The execution of this plan will represent a qualitative step forward regarding the present level of commitment of the company regarding innovation and technological development as a fundamental element of improvement in the performance of its responsibility as TSO (Transmission System Operator) of the Spanish electricity system.

The Technological Innovation and Development Plan, that takes as a starting point the consolidated advances in the Technological Plan 2008-2012, shall be officially presented to the scientific community and agents linked to innovation and technological development, both inside and outside Red Eléctrica, on 29 February in the Company's head office.