Within the framework of the "Red Eléctrica Forest" environmental project
Red Eléctrica reforests the Sierra del Molino in the area of Calasparra, Murcia
The Director General for the Environment in the Region of Murcia, Amador López, and the Director of Project Implementation and Environmental for Red Eléctrica de España, Eduardo Ramos, today visited the works for the reforestation of the Sierra del Molino, in the municipal area of Calasparra (Murcia), which are being carried out within the project of the "Red Eléctrica Forest".

Red Eléctrica promotes this initiative together with the Regional Presidency Council of Murcia to regenerate 18 hectares of this highland common land, included within the network of Natura 2000, and which was affected by a forest fire in 2010. The recovery of the Sierra del Molino counts on an investment amounting to 65,000 euros for the planting of 21,840 trees and shrubs, and will be completed towards the end of this month.

The project, which also includes the local population by means of volunteer activities and environmental education, is encompassed within the environmental policy and business strategy of Red Eléctrica de España and reaffirms the commitment of the company to sustainable development and environmental protection.

"Red Eléctrica Forest"
This tree planting programme was started by Red Eléctrica in 2009 with the aim of contributing to the fight against climate change, and the conservation of natural areas rich in biodiversity, or for the recovery of degraded areas. The project makes it possible to offset the greenhouse gas emissions and also collaborate in the development of local economies as it is the local groups which undertake the responsibility to carry out the reforestation works.

The reforestation of the Sierra del Molino, in Murcia, which together with the next one to be carried out in upcoming weeks in an area of the natural park of the Sierra Calderona, in Valencia, is the fourth project of this programme that each year restores a forest in Spain. Red Eléctrica, which has already restored 391 acres and planted 166,100 trees in Badajoz, Teruel and Cadiz, offsetting 49,230 tons of CO2, next year plans to improve the Remendón oak groves in the natural park of Armañón (Vizcaya).

The "Red Eléctrica Forest" is part of the Ardilla-ConnectingLife initiative, an environmental programme of the United Nations campaign Plant for the Planet that aims to connect the forests of Spain to serve as ecological corridors between natural areas, and promoting social awareness regarding the conservation of forest resources.