The Company's contribution reaches 90,000 euros
Red Eléctrica sponsors new volumes of the 'Encyclopedia of the Romanesque Style on the Iberian Peninsula'
Red Eléctrica de España and Fundación Santa María la Real have signed a collaboration agreement to edit and publish the encyclopedia volumes corresponding to the provinces of La Coruña and Barcelona that will form part of the collection entitled Encyclopedia of the Romanesque Style on the Iberian Peninsula.

The agreement, by means of which Red Eléctrica will provide 90,000 euros for publishing 1,500 copies of each of the publications to be edited, will enable the rigorous collection of the medieval heritage of these two provinces in six volumes, two corresponding to La Coruña and four to Barcelona.

Both companies have also signed a framework agreement, which includes this specific agreement, by means of which activities and projects of common interest will be carried out over the next four years regarding the cultural heritage and socio-economic development of the local communities that will be considered for this project.

The relationship between Red Eléctrica and Fundación Santa María la Real began in February 2009 with the signing of the first collaboration agreement through which the Company sponsored the editing and publication of the volumes of the encyclopedia of the romanesque style dedicated to Cuenca, Zaragoza, the Basque Country and Pontevedra, with a contribution of 255,000 euros.

The participation of Red Eléctrica in the study of medieval heritage that is taking place through the Fundación Santa María la Real responds to the Company's commitment to sustainable development, the promotion of progress and social well-being and the development of culture, with the objective of constantly creating value and strengthening ties with both society and its stakeholders.