Substation will connect with three 400 kilovolt lines
Red Eléctrica will inaugurate the Penagos substation tomorrow, a key facility for the supply in Cantabria
Red Eléctrica tomorrow will inaugurate the Penagos substation, a key facility to guaranteeing the electricity supply in Cantabria and to allow the evacuation of wind power from the wind farms which are currently being developped in the region.

The Penagos substation is the key element of the reinforcement that is being carried out in the meshing of the Cantabrian electricity grid that also implies the construction or adaptation of three high voltage lines. These activities make it possible to achieve a triple objective: improve the electricity supply in the region, especially Santander and its surrounding areas; allow the evacuation of wind power energy farms currently being developped and guarantee the powering of the High Speed Train.

Thus, the plan for strengthening the electricity grid in Cantabria includes not only the Penagos substation works, with a budget of 16.5 million euros, but also those activities regarding the three 400 kilovolt lines that exit from this installation:

  • Penagos-Aguayo line, connecting Cantabria with the incoming lines from the centre of the Peninsula. The works on this line have consisted of the modification of the existing 220 kilovolts line to increase its capacity to 400 kilovolts. Budget: 1.2 million euros.
  • Penagos-Soto de Ribera line, connecting Cantabria with Asturias and Galicia. This line, 178 kilometres in length, will be commissioned over the next few weeks. Budget: 117 million euros.
  • Future Penagos-Güeñes line, that will link up Cantabria with the Basque Country. It is 75 kilometres in length, although at present only the Cantabrian section of the line has been commissioned. The sections crossing Basque territory are either undergoing the permitting procedure phase or are in the construction phase. Budget: 68 million euros.

Northern axis
All these facilities form part of what is known as the “Northern axis”, a project with the objective of connecting, through electricity transmission lines, the entire northern area of the Spanish peninsula, including the autonomous communities of Galicia, Asturias, Cantabria and the Basque Country.

The basic function of a substation is to link up several grid elements, with the purpose of making it possible for the energy generated in the power stations to reach the consumers. Thus, the Penagos substation will allow the management of the new electricity lines and will support the three existing substations in Cantabria –Puente de San Miguel, Cacicedo and Astillero–, all of them 220 kilovolts.