Red Eléctrica will invest 33 million euros in the new Sant Martí substation and in other facilities in Alcudia
  • The System Operation Director of REE in the Balearic Islands, the General Director  of Industry and Energy, the Mayoress of Alcudia and the Director of ENDESA Distribution Baleares today visited the construction works
  • The construction works of the new substation began last April and is scheduled to end in July 2014.
  • The incoming switchyard located in the Es Murterar power station and the Alcudia substation located in Aucanada will be enlarged 

Red Eléctrica will invest 33 million euros in Alcudia, the funds are destined to the construction of the new Sant Martí substation, the enlargement of the incoming substation located in the Es Murterar power station and of the Alcudia substation located in Aucanada, and to the laying of new 66 and 220 kV underground lines. This past April, works began on the new substation; a facility of special significant importance, as it will be the station responsible for increasing the generation evacuation capacity of the Es Murterar thermal power station, and the electricity supply to the north of Majorca as well as to the Na Lloreta Industrial Area in the municipality.

The General Director of Industry and Energy of the Government of the Balearic Islands, Jaime Ochogavía, the Mayoress of Alcudia, Coloma Terrace, the REE Director for the Balearic System Operation, Ramón Granadino, and the Director of ENDESA Distribution Baleares, Ernesto Bonnín, have today visited the works of the new facility.

Substation facilities, located in the vicinity of Es Murterar power station, occupy an area of 20,000 square meters, of which 17,000 will be used for the Red Eléctrica substation, while the remaining 3,000 square meters will house a distribution substation of ENDESA Baleares. It is expected that construction works be completed in July 2014, when it is planned that the substation come into service.

The new Sant Martí substation will make it possible to decongest the evacuation of the generation from the Es Murterar thermal power station by means of a 220 kV double connection and at the same time feed, by means of a 66 kV double line, the new demand in the area, especially the Na Lloreta Industrial Area. This infrastructure will allow supply of new demand in the municipality and hence trigger a reconfiguration of the distribution.

From the environmental perspective, it is worth noting that the project will be carried out in accordance with REE?s criteria on environmental integration and respect for the environment regarding construction of new substations. Independently of the burying of the lines, noteworthy is the design of the substation, not in the open and to be shielded, which will minimize land occupation and the impact on the landscape. Similarly as per criteria established by the Balearic Island?s Environmental Committee, the final design of the substation will included solutions regarding materials, ocher-colored facades and flora in the perimeter, which will allow its landscaping adaptation and integration.