Within the framework of the Andújar project
Red Eléctrica will invest over 33 million euros in new electricity infrastructures
The agreement reached with the Andújar City Council includes an allocation of over 160,000 euros for energy optimisation projects

Red Eléctrica de España will invest more than 33 million euros in the construction of new electricity infrastructures within the framework of the project known as the Andújar project. The agreement reached with the local city council to begin activities within the municipality was signed this morning by Miguel González, regional delegate of Red Eléctrica in Andalusia and Extremadura, and the mayor of Andújar, Jesús Estrella.

The planned projects to be carried out within the municipality of Andújar correspond to the construction of the 220 kilovolt (kV) single circuit Andújar-Guadame 2 line (15.3 kilometres in length) and 6.8 kilometres of double circuit line (220 kV) for the Andújar-Úbeda section.

The plan also contemplates the extension of the 220kV Andújar substation. These facilities will contribute to the meshing of the transmission grid and to support distribution and will allow quality and security of supply to be improved in a region that, at present, is at the very limit regarding supply possibilities.

By virtue of the agreement signed with the Andújar City Council for the construction of these infrastructures, Red Eléctrica de España will give to the city council a total of 164,139.50 euros for projects related to the Energy Optimisation Plan, developed by the Ministry of the Economy, Science and Innovation through the Andalusian Energy Agency. The actions undertaken by the council in various districts of the city will be directed towards the substitution of lights and equipment, mainly sodium-vapour, by others with LED technology.

The Andújar project
The Andújar project, that has the locality as its strategic centre, encompasses the main infrastructures anticipated by Red Eléctrica in the province of Jaén for the next five years, with an investment in excess of 58 million euros. The totality of the project contemplates the construction of a new substation in Úbeda, extensions of the substations of Guadame, Andújar and Olivares, and more than 130 kilometres of new 220kV line between Andújar-Guadame, Andújar-Úbeda and Úbeda-Olivares.

The investment in this project is just one part of the investment programme of Red Eléctrica in Andalusia during the period 2010-2014 and which totals 600 million euros.