After its recent enlargement
The Torrent substation is one of the most important hubs of the transmission grid of the Valencian Community
The Delegate of the Government of the Valencian Community, Ana Botella, and the General Manager of Transmission of Red Eléctrica, Carlos Collantes, have visited the Torrent substation in Valencia, accompanied by the Director of the Valencian Energy Agency, Antonio Cejalvo; the Mayoress of Torrent, María José Catalá, and Red Eléctrica's Delegate in the Valencian Community, Maite Vela.

The substation, that has been recently enlarged, has become one of the most important hubs of the transmission grid of the Valencian Community, fundamental to support the coverage of the energy demand of the city of Valencia and its metropolitan belt, and to power the Madrid-Valencia high speed train.

The investment made in the enlargement of the substation totalled 21.8 million euros. A 400 kV switchyard was constructed along with one incoming and outgoing line from the La Eliana-Catadau line, also 400 kV, as well as two outgoing lines that supply power to the ADIF substation for the high speed train. In addition a transformer was also installed along with its connection to the 220 kV switchyard.

Investment in the Valencian Community
The investment of Red Eléctrica in the Valencian Community during 2010 exceeded 144 million euros. Over the last five years it has been in excess of 470 million and the investment forecasted for the 2011-2015 period is of around 640 million euros.

The main goal of these investments is to support the coverage of the electricity demand, strengthen the transmission grid, allow the evacuation of renewable energies in accordance with the Wind Power Energy Plan of the Valencian Community, to power the Madrid-Levante high speed railway axis and to interconnect the peninsular electricity system with that of the Balearic Islands.