A total of 109 hectares of highlands in Albacete will be the next Red Eléctrica Forest project
Red Eléctrica surpasses one million euros in investment in reforestation of natural areas on the Iberian Peninsula
Activities carried out to date in Badajoz, Teruel, Cadiz, Murcia, Valencia and Vizcaya will offset the emission of nearly 80,000 tonnes of CO2.

Red Eléctrica de España has surpassed one million euros, specifically € 1.125 million, in the reforestation project ‘Red Eléctrica Forest’ undertaken by the Company, on an ongoing basis, since 2009. This investment has been reached after the agreement signed with the regional government of Castilla-La Mancha by which Red Eléctrica have earmarked 200,000 euros to reforest and regenerate several plots of public highlands in the municipality of Hellín, Albacete, affected by forest fires and desertification processes.

The environmental recovery of these areas will allow the appropriate density of trees to be re-established and will help to improve the forestry state of 109 hectares, of which 65 are within the Site of Community Importance (SCI) ‘Sierra de Alcaraz y Segura y Cañones del Segura y del Mundo’. In addition, this project will help establish measures against desertification and soil erosion and contribute to the conservation of biodiversity in Castilla-La Mancha.  

The Forest of Albacete will be the seventh created by Red Eléctrica on the Iberian Peninsula after those carried out in Badajoz, Teruel, Cadiz, Murcia, Valencia and Vizcaya. With an investment of 925,107 euros, a total of 261,870 trees and shrubs have already been planted that will offset the emission of 80,000 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime .

Red Eléctrica Forest in Hellín falls under the Ardilla-ConnectingLife project, an initiative of the campaign ‘Plant for the Planet’ organised by the United Nations Programme for the Environment. The challenge of this initiative is the biological connectivity between natural areas with the aim of creating ecological corridors to improve the conservation and management of ecosystems and promote social awareness on the conservation of forest resources.

Red Eléctrica Forest

Red Eléctrica’s tree planting project aims to contribute to the conservation of natural areas rich in biodiversity and the recovery of degraded areas, and contribute to the fight against climate change, offsetting part of the greenhouse gas emissions arising from the Company’s activity as transmission agent and operator of the electricity system.

This project also supports the development of rural economies, to the extent that the works are carried out by local associations, and contributes to the dissemination of environmental values, integrating the population in environmental education and volunteering initiatives.

Red Eléctrica Forest is an initiative that responds to the commitment made by the Company to work with regional governments for sustainable economic and social development, the defence of and respect for the environment, the promotion of progress, culture and social welfare with the objective of constantly creating value in the areas where it operates.


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