Red Eléctrica launches a new space on its website geared towards socially responsible investors
Includes the key sustainability indicators of the Company

Red Eléctrica de España has set up a new section on its corporate website to provide socially responsible investors information regarding the environmental, social and corporate governance aspects of the Company.

The new section stems from Red Eléctrica’s interest in maintaining information transparency and engaging in ongoing dialogue with investors and sustainability agencies to promote the take up of shares by this type of investors.

Within this new section for socially responsible investors, located in the "Shareholders and Investors" area, one can find, amongst others, Red Eléctrica’s ranking in major international sustainability indexes, annual corporate responsibility reports published by the Company since 2002, and a list of key sustainability indexes.

To do this, before the publication of this new section, Red Eléctrica conducted a study which involved the investment community and which has allowed the Company to get to know the criteria involved in the investment process and also the major concerns of investors regarding environmental, social and corporate governance aspects.

From this needs analysis, the key performance indicators used by the Company were identified and have been collated and presented in a functional and transparent way in the new section.

With this new section geared towards Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), the Company reinforces its commitment to integrate environmental, social, ethical and corporate governance issues into its management and strategy.

Red Eléctrica is a privately held company whose majority shareholder is the State Industrial Holding Company (SEPI), with 20% of the shares, whilst the remaining 80% is free float. 71% of this free float corresponds to foreign institutional investors (mainly U.S. and UK), some of which are socially responsible investors.


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