Red Eléctrica and the Vizcaya Provincial Council reforest 22.5 hectares of the Robledal de Remendón habitat
  • Through a collaboration agreement for the restoration of the forest in the Turtzios highland area with 35,019 new leafy hardwood trees


Red Eléctrica de España (REE), in collaboration with the Vizcaya Provincial Council, has completed the reforestation and regeneration of the Robledal de Remendón Forest located in the Turtzios highland area. An area of 22.5 hectares (ha) of woodland was restored by the planting of 35,019 native trees, mainly oak and birch, in one of the areas of greatest ecological value of the ‘Armañón y los Jorrios’ Natural Park, which is included within Red Natura 2000, thus contributing to the conservation of the biodiversity of Vizcaya.

The Provincial Councillor for Agriculture, Irene Pardo and the Mayor of Turtzioz, Manuel Coterón, together with the Head of the REE’s Environmental Department, Roberto Arranz and the northern delegate of REE, Antonio González, this morning officially inaugurated the completed reforestation project that is encompassed under the "Red Eléctrica Forest" project launched by the Company in 2009.

The first works REE conducted in Robledal de Remendón were part of the environmental improvement measures associated with the Penagos-Gueñes line and consisted of the perimeter enclosure of 29 ha of highlands to protect it from possible damage caused by free-range livestock farming and the reforestation of 6.5 ha of the said area.

Subsequently, the restoration of the 22.5 ha was undertaken included under the Red Eléctrica Forest project. The tasks consisted of clearing the area, drilling holes in the soil, the planting of acorns and planting birch, hawthorn and wild pear trees. To increase the chances of success of these trees, protective sleeves were installed. In addition, the acorns used had been previously collected in the oak forest itself and germinated in a nursery.

The planting of trees has helped to re-establish the suitable density of woodland in an area that had suffered a high degree of degradation. In addition, it will offset the emission of 10,505 tonnes of CO2. The works had an investment of 200,107 euros.

Support for local economies

The execution of the project has also driven the contribution to the development of the local economies. Thus, groups of workers in the area have been responsible for conducting reforestation work, in which 477 local workers took part.

REE also maintains an annual collaboration agreement with the Department of Agriculture of the Vizcaya Provincial Council through which is makes a contribution of 20,000 euros per year for the coordination of actions for the prevention and fighting of forest fires.

The Red Eléctrica Forest programme

The reforestation of the Robledal del Remendón Forest in Turtzioz is encompassed in the "Red Eléctrica Forest" project, an ongoing environmental programme carried out by the Company with the aim of collaborating in the conservation of natural areas rich in biodiversity and the recovery of degraded areas, as well as contributing to the fight against climate change by offsetting part of the greenhouse gases emissions resulting from the activity of the Company as transmission agent and operator of the electricity system.

The Red Eléctrica Forest is an initiative that responds to the commitment undertaken by the Company to work with regional governments for sustainable economic and social development, the defence and respect for the environment, the promotion of progress, culture and social welfare with the objective of creating lasting value in areas in which the Company is present.


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