Red Eléctrica concludes the improvements to the San Mateo 66 kV substation and strengthens the north of Gran Canaria

Red Eléctrica de España has completed the enlargement and improvement works of the San Mateo 66 kilovolt (kV) substation which strengthen the electricity ring in the north of Gran Canaria via the installation of a new substation bay that links the Jinámar-Guía 66 kV line.

The new bay installed in the San Mateo 66 kV substation, which has represented an investment of 1.2 million euros, improves the configuration and maneuverability of the transmission grid, which is strengthened by the new meshing.

Demand in the north of Gran Canaria is approximately 15% of the system total and is supplied mainly through the 66 kV substations at Arucas, Guía and San Mateo.

Red Eléctrica plans to build a new 66 kV substation in Barranco Seco, as well as reinforce and build a second circuit between the Barranco Seco and Arucas substations that, together with enlargement that has already taken place in the San Mateo substation, will strengthen the guarantee and security of supply in the north of the island.

The enlargement of the Guía 66 kV substation is also programmed in order to help in the future evacuation of the generation from wind farms in the north and northwest of the island.   


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