Red Eléctrica de España commissions the 220 kV Onuba-Costa de la Luz line

· This new line, 33.3 kilometres in length, has represented an investment of 25 million euros.

· With this infrastructure, the meshing of the Huelva coast is now completed, guaranteeing the supply in the western coast of the province.

Red Eléctrica de España has brought into service a new high voltage electricity line in the province of Huelva that links the Onuba (Huelva) and Costa de la Luz (Lepe) 220 kilovolts (kV) substations. Thus, the electricity meshing of the west coast of Huelva is now completed, guaranteeing the power supply service in the coastal zone; the most highly populated in the province with 135,000 registered residents and to which many thousands more are added in the summer months.

In the construction of this new infrastructure, Red Eléctrica has invested 25 million euros, an investment that also included the enlargement of the Onuba substation and the construction of the new Lepe substation using GIS technology (gas insulated switchgear).

This investment is in addition to that made last spring in the Huelva region of Beturia, valued at 30 million euros, which included a 400 kV substation and a high voltage electricity line, 25 kilometres in length, connecting Spain with Portugal through the towns of Puebla de Guzmán and Tavira.

The newly commissioned line, which is a 220 kV double circuit line, runs through the municipalities of Huelva, Gibraleón, Cartaya and Lepe, and is 33.3 kilometres in length. The line is completely overhead, except for the last 86-metre stretch where it meets the Costa de la Luz substation, which is underground.

In parallel with the construction of this new line, Red Eléctrica has also installed a total of 51 nesting boxes for the conservation of protected birdlife. Specifically, 24 of these nesting boxes are for Lesser Kestrels, 20 for Common Kestrels and 7 are for Brown Owls.


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