Within the framework of the collaboration agreement signed in 2013
The Balearic Islands Government and Red Eléctrica create a safety zone to prevent forest fires in the area of Crestatx

Over recent days, the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Territorial Planning of the Balearic Islands’ Government and Red Eléctrica de España have concluded work to establish a safety perimeter in order to prevent forest fires, in the Crestatx residential estate (Sa Pobla), at the foot of the Sierra de Tramontana.

The Regional Minister, Gabriel Company; the Director-General for the Natural Environment, Environmental Education and Climate Change, Neus Lliteras; the Mayor of Sa Pobla, Biel Serra, and Red Eléctrica’s Regional Delegate in the Balearic Islands, Eduardo Maynau, today visited the area to check the status of the works.

The works are carried out and affect a strip of about 30 metre wide surrounding the residential estate covering a distance of approximately 3 kilometres in length. In this area the forest undergrowth was cleared by removing vegetation and scrub, and pruning and felling trees, conserving species such as Holm Oak instead of Pine and wild olive trees in accordance with the supervision of the Regional Ministry. The goal is to prevent the spread of flames should there be of fire.

In order to carry out the project, Red Eléctrica has contracted the works and the Regional Ministry has supervised them. Furthermore, it has the support of the Sa Pobla Local Council and householders from the residential estate who, upon completion of the works, will take ownership of future maintenance works of the safety area.

This initiative can serve as a model for other actions in residential estates located near forested areas that may be affected by forest fires.

The works form part of the actions included in the collaboration agreement regarding the prevention and fighting of forest fires, signed by the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Territorial Planning and Red Eléctrica in July 2013. The Company will finance the actions arising from this agreement with an investment of 120.000 euros over the six years of its term.


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