Red Eléctrica enlarge the Tagoro substation to improve the evacuation of wind power generation in Tenerife

Red Eléctrica de España has requested prior administrative authorisation and asked for an administrative construction permit for the enlargement of the existing Tagoro 66 kilovolts (kV) electricity substation in the municipality of Arico, in order to increase the reliability and security of supply and improve the evacuation of renewable production in areas of high wind power generation on the island of Tenerife.

This enlargement, approved by the Council of Ministers on 6 June 2014, which will be completed with the construction of lines and substations for the evacuation of renewable generation in the southeast of Tenerife and for the increase of grid meshing via the construction of two new substations in el Porís and Abona, as well as the electricity lines associated with these new substations and for others already in existence.

The enlargement of the Tagoro 66 kV substation will include the implementation of three new substation bays for lines: one for evacuation of energy from renewable sources, another for the line to the Abona 2 substation (66 kV) and one for the line that reaches the El Poris 1 substation, also 66 kV.

The new El Porís and Abona substations will each consist of a 66 kV switchyard and one of 220 kV. These substations are necessary for the evacuation of wind power generation and for the connection to the 220 kV transmission grid.

These actions are in addition to the execution of the Tenerife-La Gomera submarine link, which includes the implementation of the 66 kV connection substations in Chio, in the west of Tenerife, and in El Palmar, in the east of La Gomera. This link will significantly strengthen the electricity system of the latter island.

All these actions, representing an investment of 172.8 million euros, will drive the change of energy model based on better integration of renewable energy into the system and interconnections between islands.


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