Red Eléctrica fosters the development of corporate responsibility projects in fourteen municipalities of Teruel
  • Through the signing of a framework agreement linked to the Mezquita-Morella and Mudéjar-Morella axes
  • The Company will earmark 222,000 euros for various projects that promote the social, cultural and environmental development of these localities

The General Manager of Transmission Division for Red Eléctrica de España (REE), Carlos Collantes, the Director of Corporate Affairs and Institutional Relationship for REE, Ana Cuevas, and the mayors of fourteen municipalities within the province of Teruel have today signed in Alcañiz a framework agreement for collaboration regarding corporate responsibility.

In this regard the Company will earmark 222,000 euros for the development of social, cultural and environmental initiatives in the municipalities where the new Mezquita-Morella and Mudéjar-Morella electricity lines will run.

The mayors of the municipalities of Alcañiz, Alcorisa, Andorra, Jarque de la Val, Aliaga, La Zoma, Ejulve, Molinos, Castellote, Seno, La Ginebrosa, Mas de las Matas, Aguaviva and Parras de Castellote have signed this agreement in the presence of the Regional Minister for Industry and Innovation of the Government of Aragón, Arturo Aliaga, and the Government’s Delegate in Aragon, Gustavo Alcalde, who stressed not only the importance of these new projects, but also of the agreements reached with the municipalities.

Under this framework agreement, which will last for one year, the municipalities and REE will develop a plan whose activities will be formalised in specific agreements, which will aim to create direct value in those municipalities of Teruel involved in the development of these projects.

This action is part of the Corporate Responsibility policy of the Company, which aims to contribute to sustainable development through the promotion of a business model geared towards sustainability and the creation of value for its stakeholders.

After signing the agreement, a visit was carried out to the construction work of the Mudéjar substation, 400 kilovolt (kV), in Andorra, and to the Mudéjar-Morella line.

Infrastructures necessary for the strengthening of the transmission grid

The 400 kV Mezquita-Morella and Mudéjar-Morella power transmission lines are contained within the "Planning of the Gas and Electricity sectors from 2008 to 2016" and are included in the annual programme of the transmission grid facilities approved by the Ministry of Industry in December 2012.

These infrastructures are necessary for transmission grid meshing, to improve the security and quality of the electricity supply in the province of Teruel and to increase the evacuation capacity of ordinary regime generation and that from renewable sources.

For the development of these projects, which have an investment of 99.3 million euros in the province of Teruel, Red Eléctrica has reached agreements with the vast majority of private owners and local authorities.

The Mezquita-Morella and Mudéjar-Morella axes are double circuit 400 kV lines which are compacted in the town of La Ginebrosa to form a quadruple circuit line up until Morella (Castellón), thus minimising the environmental impact on the area.

Recently the administrative permitting process was completed for the Mezquita-Morella line, which will allow the work to be started this month.

This is in addition to the work already started in July 2014 for the new 400 kV Mudéjar substation and the Mudéjar-Mezquita section of line from Andorra to the connection with the Mezquita-Morella line.

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